Funds & Treasuries looking for stable a entry to on-chain liquidity

If you are looking to deposit significant amount of assets into the vaults, reach out to us for our funds offering at

Our funds focused product is built from the ground up for managing liquidity for large funds who are looking to tap into the on-chain DeFi market and earn trading fees.

We mostly recommend a combination of different strategies depending on what the fund is looking for. We also have fund specific treasury management solutions.

The product for funds is split into the following categories:


We offer stable vaults for large funds, these vaults are for parking large amounts of capital while leveraging the DeFi market and earning trading fees.

The most stable pairs only involve USD-pegged assets and deployed on multiple chains for maximum returns and market capture.

We also offer semi-stable vaults under this category, which include direct exposure to blue chip crypto tokens such as ETH-USD, WBTC-ETH and WBTC-USD.


We offer volatile vaults for large funds, these vaults are intended for parking small amounts of capital for large returns. These are extremely volatile pair that earn very significant amount of fees. These pairs and combinations are usually developed specifically for the fund depending on their maximum risk capability.

This also includes maximally concentrated pools for when funds would like to capture fees from a market where they expect limited price movements.

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