Sponsored Vaults

Vaults created in partnership

Sponsored Vaults are specifically created in partnership with another project, mostly for their native token. These vaults are designed per project and built to hold a large portion of the project's own liquidity while still allowing members of their community to earn fees with similar efficiency and cadence.

By providing a large amount of capital in a relatively concentrated range for the projects, this ensures higher price stability for the project while earning the treasury more fees and maximally efficient use of potential for the capital.

The liquidity is largely provided by the project itself and we do not limit the total amount of capital invested.

The Metavisor team assists is selecting appropriate ranges and determining feasibility.

The project may compensate the Metavisor protocol to host and manage these vaults, although this largely depends on how the project decides to set up the vault.

The protocol ensures the vaults are always in range and earning fees with an hands-off approach for the user. The users do not have to pay to rebalance these vaults.

Additionally, all earned fees are compounded back into the vault for maximum efficiency and increasing the overall potential of the capital by reinvesting back into the vault.

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