Offer additional incentives to liquidity providers

Liquidity Incentives are currently only available for allowlisted pairs and vaults, please get in touch with us if you'd like to create an incentive programme.

Incentivizing liquidity is one of the most popular ways to engage users and it also helps with available liquidity in the market to prop up actions.

However, most incentives target the wrong liquidity group making it hard to direct efforts and often leads to very spread out and untargeted liquidity.

Metavisor offers custom tools to incentivize liquidity for specific pairs and vaults. The projects can create liquidity mining incentives for any pair and easily distribute them as part of the vault itself. We also offer custom solutions allowing you to direct the liquidity towards your goals and incentivize them effectively. This allows for better price stability and helps towards directed efforts.

All reward tokens can be collected directly from the Metavisor Console, without leaving the vault pages. The same vaults and rewards can also be integrated on your own website.

For substantial projects, we also offer our token as a part of the rewards programme. These rewards are distributed at the sole discretion of the Metavisor team.


We offer automated incentives using a set of smart contracts that allow creating rewards for specific vaults and pairs. Users can then stake their LP tokens to earn these rewards. They can then claim the rewards in an automated manner as the rewards accrue. The rewards are automatically claimed when they withdraw their liquidity.

If you expect your liquidity to be fractured, we also have a Merkle based incentive system, although this is far less automated and rewards are available to claim with a delay. This is currently only available for large projects.


Our liquidity incentivization platform is fully customization and can be white labeled for your project and vaults. It allows you to fully control the engagement and interactions and give people a more first party experience.

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