What is a Vault?

All of our liquidity management products are designed around Vaults, and essentially these are smart contracts that hold and manage your assets for you.

All of our vaults are fully permissionless and only you ever have access to the assets inside the vault. The Metavisor protocol is only able to adjust the parameters and not much else outside of it.

Vaults are used to manage and hold assets for you in a permissionless manner, and a new vaults is deployed for every pair on every individual protocol.

Vaults can only be created for pairs and combinations that already exists, the Metavisor protocol checks and validates this while creating the vaults. The team always ensures this is already the case before deploying.

Each Vault is fully compatible with ERC20 and represents the total share of the assets inside the vault. Your share of the LP tokens from the vault represents your share of vault and can be withdrawn at any time.

This not only allows us to distribute LP in a numerically valid way but also allows us to closely monitor is available shares of the protocol. Additionally, since it's a standard ERC20 you can still continue to use in the larger DeFi space without giving up the earning potential of your assets.

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