The first priority.

We take security extremely seriously at Metavisor. All of our Vaults feature several security features and are fully audited. All vaults and actions on them are continuously monitored.


The protocol has undergone the following audits:

Security Features

Every vault created by Metavisor comes with several security features, some of which are listed below:

TWAP Safety

All actions taken on a vault verify the current TWAP position of the associated pair/pool. The check ensures that the price hasn't moved too far out of expectation. This protects the vaults from getting into an unfavourable position.

Price Manipulation

All actions taken on a vault are protected from price manipulation in multiple ways. Most importantly, every function expects a check against minimum returns. If the current execution of the call returns any less assets than expected, the transaction is reverted with no exchange. This protects the users from unfavourable MEV as well as frontrunning attacks.

Price Impact

The protocol enforces a maximum price impact when taking actions, this also allows the protocol to hold an excess of one asset if it believes it's unfavourable for it to exchange it, protecting heavily from impermanent loss and double trading.

Re-entrancy Protection

The code follows the Checks Effects Interactions patterns to protect from re-entrancy attacks. Additionally, cross call pollution is not allowed as enforced by the nonReentrant modifier.

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